Why is Home Gym so Expensive?

Dreaming about having one’s own gym is amazing. It is so convenient to exercise and workout in your own space. You won’t be able to make excuses about ‘not the mood to go out for exercise’ or ‘I don’t want to leave the house’ instead you can just work out whenever you have the time.

The dream of building a home gym is not worthless neither too expensive. You just need to know how to start working on your desirable gym set up. Today, we will talk about why home gyms are so expensive or seem so expensive and how to set up a good one. 

The average approximate cost of building a gym at home varies between $1,000 – $10,000.


If you love working out daily or would like to start working out, having a home gym is very convenient and comfortable. The other option is one can always buy a membership for a regular gym or just join the local gym, but the discomfort of having a certain limit with time and days is not very comfortable. On the other hand, if you have a home gym, you can exercise or work out according to your schedule and the payment for the machines will eventually be similar to the saved membership payment. 

Of course, though, every home gym is different from one another. It depends on the machines you have or want and also on the size of the location you are about to use as a home gym. 

Building a home gym can cost approximately $1,000 to $10,000 with the average expenditure of a normal house owner between $4,000on a home gym, if they are building it up in the basement, including the cost of soft mat flooring and multiple stations. 


If we compare both the home gym and a gym membership, the cost can be very wide-ranged. A basic or standard gym membership can be up to $10 a month or if the gyms are more highly rated or high quality, the membership might cost around $100 a month. Home gyms can usually have a simple set up which only includes some mats and work out equipment and it costs around $100, or one can always set up an entire gym at home and the cost would be in thousands. 

The fact is, if you use the home gym regularly, it automatically pays for the saved membership of a regular gym. The best benefit of membership in a regular or high-end gym is that they also offer classes, instructions, spas, and so on. 

Next, we will discuss how to start a home gym and what could be the cost on average, of the entire set up. These points will make you see that home gyms aren’t that expensive, they just seem that way. So, when the next time someone discusses the topic of “Why are home gyms so expensive?” You can tell them, they really aren’t if you start right.  



A person can completely set up the home gym at the same time but that is not a good method because it might cost a lot more than one can imagine. Instead, the method which should be used in building a home gym is: 

Starting Small:


Before starting the setup or purchasing the equipment of your home gym, be honest to yourself, and figure out how much you are going to use a certain machine. For instance, if you have been working out or exercising regularly for a few years now, you probably are aware of the machines or equipment you use and the ones which are completely useless to you. But on the other hand, if you are a beginner and are starting up your workout routine, you might not be aware of which machines are important or good for you and which arent, in this case, you need to start small. Buy little equipment get complete use out of them before moving on to another piece of equipment. 

Be Honest About your Expending limits:


Spending tens and thousands of dollars purchasing amazing gym equipment for your home gym is possible and easy as well. You can also spend very less on cheap equipment which does not perform very well and renders you to spend more and more because of replacements or maintenance. Starting slow and small is very important. This way you can make a budget for one piece of equipment at a time, choosing wisely, quality over quantity. For instance, you can buy a very high-tech elliptical machine that will be difficult to work with and have functions or devices or parts like bells and whistles which you won’t ever be needing. Or on the other hand, you can also buy a cheap bad quality machine that neither tracks your workout time nor the distance nor cannot hold any weight either. By thinking of quality over quantity, you can purchase a machine that has the features or characteristics you require but also fewer bells and whistles.

The location of Home Gym in your House:

Most houses and homes have enough space that you can easily build a home gym. But each space has its pros and cons list, so be careful and insightful of where you build your gym before you start purchasing the equipment. 




Most people prefer building a gym in the basement because a. it is not in your way and b. even if you accidentally drop a dumbbell, your floor will not be ruined. Although, going for a basement gym is the best option if you have a great ventilation system and a dehumidifier because we all know how stuffy a basement can be at times. The actual reason why good ventilation is needed is the basements is that more often than not are damp and very humid which can cause your exercise routine to be cut short because of lack of fresh air and your equipment might start rusting away because of the dampness. 

Also, a great feat about a basement gym is that you will only need to add good light, gym mats, and the equipment, other than that you don’t have to do much. A good rubber or yoga mat, some great ceiling bulbs or light, and good quality equipment is all you need to get your gym started, with of course a good dehumidifier. The cost of the flooring and the dehumidifying the basement can be approximately up to $2000 without adding the equipment of course. But if you also choose to not do flooring and just use concrete than the cost will easily be cut down to $1000, still without the equipment. 


Other than the basement, if you have amazing attic space, you can also build your home gym there, but you have to make sure of one thing before starting, that the floor of your attic is built strong and sturdy and can hold the equipment. Generally, the floor of the attic is not made so strong. Also, make sure before you start the setup that you have enough space to work out and move around without hurting yourself. The general guidelines of having a home gym state that you need to have at least 20 – 50 feet of space for free weight lifting and around 200 feet for more pieces of equipment. 

Transforming an attic to your home gym can be a little on the expensive side because you might need to put a subfloor and finishing floor and the lightning as well. You will also need a good way to enter and exit or have good access to the attic which might also include remodeling the stairs. All in all, you can transform your attic into a home gym for approximately $2000 – $5000 excluding the equipment. 

Extra Bedroom:

Having an extra bedroom in your house in an amazing thing. This way you can use the spare bedroom for a home gym and it will be out of the way. Extra bedrooms usually have a large space and can hold multiple types of equipment and even have the perfect flooring. But everything always has a downside to it, putting up the gym in the spare bedroom is amazing but if you also have to use it for a guest room, space will be cramped with the bed and other normal furniture in the room, you also have to give up your time to work out if you have a guest staying over. You can remove the bed if you like extra space but that would mean, no more guest room. 

Setting up the gym in the extra bedroom in your house is the least expensive. If your bedroom has a carpet on the floor, it is not the best for a gym but if you are low on budget or also using the room for guests, then it can stay. If you do not have carpet but you want to cover the floor with rubber flooring than the total cost would be around $500 – $1000.

Additional Room/Space:


If you really want a home gym but you do not have any space at your place, you can always add additional space. This is by far the most expensive choice. So, only put this option into consideration if you are really going to work hard in your home gym and work out on a daily basis. If you do not, later on, work out after adding the additional space, you can always turn it into a guest room or kitchen expansion and so on. 

With additional space built, you can customize or design it to your liking. It means you can put the flooring that best suits the purpose of the room and lighting will also be added according to you. You can also build the space to exact dimensions you want, no more, no less. 

Additions can be quite expensive and on average would cost around $23000 for fully completed addition excluding the cost of pieces of equipment for the gym.  

Lighting for Home Gym:


Your home gym is in the area of the house which offers great natural lighting. Make use of it. Natural lighting is perfect for a home gym. 

If the area in your house that is perfect for a gym but doesn’t provide or have enough natural light, you can always use good lights. There are some recommended lighting for brightening up a home gym. 

This first advice would definitely be to not use the light that would add heat to the room or lights that get hot fast. Working out will already be making you sweat buckets, you do not need more heat from the light. 

The second recommendation would be that your lights should not get in your way of working out, meaning when you are using a piece of equipment which has some height and you can hit your head on the lamp while using it or the ceiling is really high and the light is small which doesn’t lit the room well. We don’t have any of these situations to be happening to you, so choose your lights wisely. 

The last recommendation but never the least is to put the lights on which has the brightness setting. Sometimes a type of exercise requires you to be focused and relaxed, you can dim the lights down, while some exercises require intense pressure, turn the lights to full brightness.

The total cost of adding extra lighting around the room would be around $700 if you want to put in a new light, and another around $40 for a switch between dimmer and full brightness. 

In this article, we have learned an amazing deal about how to start setting up our home gym without spending a million dollars on it. As stated in the topic of the article, “why home gyms are so expensive” we have explained with detail that it is not the home gyms that are expensive but our method of building one. We can try to build a home gym without spending a ton. We just require a good strategy.

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