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Why Are Treadmills So Expensive?

If you’ve been researching treadmills, you may have found the prices to be high. But why are treadmills expensive you may have been asking yourself?!

Treadmills are available at different price points, just like many products you may be considering purchasing, a lot of it comes down to the parts the treadmill is made up with. 

A £500 treadmill may only have a 1.5HP motor inside vs a £2500 treadmill having a 3 HP motor. Motors, as well as add ons, are what push the prices up. 

In most modern treadmills, they are new gadgets like touchscreen or TV screens that integrate with entertainment channels or your home sky tv box.

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The treadmill may also have the functionality to link to your fitness tracking app etc. All these extra things add into the build price of the treadmill and hence the higher price point. 

On the parts side, like with any product, the cheaper the parts, usually means lower quality and a lower lifecycle.

I don’t know about you but if im going to be training hard on my treadmill, i dont want it to break within the next year therefor id be willing to pay more to have a longer-lasting piece of equipment vs one that will not be around for very long!

The belts on the treadmill as well as the motor which we have covered is one of the most important parts. Ideally, the belt needs to be of high quality and be super durable as you will be wearing it down over time with your body weight and running shoes.

The deck of the treadmill maybe made of plastic vs other higher price point treadmills being made of steel, you can see where i a going with this right, it’s all in the details and components of the treadmill as to what drives its price point.

Then we come on to the warranty…Warranties may also be a factor in a higher price point. Think about it for a minute. If company A is offering a 1-year warranty vs Company B who is offering a lifetime warranty, what did Company A build the treadmill with and why aren’t they offering a lifetime warranty if they are so sure of their build quality?

If we look then at the manufacturer and their branding and ultimately marketing they use to promote the brand then this also costs the company money. They need to recoup some of this money back via their product price in order to remarket again and again to new and existing customers.

How much do you think Nike or Apple spent on their marketing before they became a household name, the same with most companies, there are many things priced into their products and not just the cost of manufacturing. 

Higher price points definitely allow manufacturers and brands to pay more in advertising to acquire a customer, a higher price point also isn’t for everyone so the companies can carve out a niche of being more luxurious or of a higher quality vs their competitors,

Id also like to point out that a higher price point doesn’t always 100% mean better quality and this is where you have to decide after doing your research what exactly you are looking for by way of specs and features in your ideal treadmill and you pick the right one accordingly.

I hope this helped to answer your question on why treadmills are so expensive and i advise you to research and ask questions prior to making a purchase.

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