Why are exercise bikes so expensive?

Nowadays, indoor and gym activities are massively increasing around the world.

Fitness enthusiasts are concerned about their health and investing in exercise bikes to continue their workout at home.

Many people find exercise bikes an excellent alternative to gym work out and spend their money due to its several advantages over other exercise machines.

Indoor cycling has become so much popular because it is an excellent option for gym exercise to get started with. Secondly, it occupied less space at home or in the living room and assisted the people in continuing their aerobic activities.

The Best exercise bike does not come at a low price. However, why these exercise bikes are so expensive depends on the features of exercise bikes. After some experience with stationary bikes now you can choose which one is better for you.

However, before investing money in any of these exercise bikes, you should consider the quality, features, pros, and cons of different bikes.

There are several stationary bikes available in the market at different prices.

The price of each bike depends on its features, such as Pre-programmed workout and heart rate monitors. Secondly, it depends on quality, such as warranties, weight capacity, and noise level.

You will get what you pay as quality is essential if you want an exercise bike in the long run.

To find the right match for your workout and investing your money wisely. Most fitness lovers tend to look at an exercise bike that provides the maximum output and has most gadgets.

You would prefer a bike that can track your workout in a set amount of time because most hi-tech stationary bikes are much expensive but do not give the desired output.

You should prefer a bike that matches your fitness goals and worth the money. A bike without necessary gadgets only costs money.

Here, we are going to tell you some features which make these exercise bikes more expensive than an ordinary bicycle. Also, discuss some criteria before purchasing an exercise bike.

Every exercise bike is designed to do the exercise, but each bike’s features and characteristics help you to  distinguish which one is best for workout and which feature makes it expensive.

Fitness Goals

Always choose an exercise bike that can achieve your fitness goal. For hardcore cycling enthusiasts or those who love to ride an actual road bike, they should go for spinning or indoor cycling.

These bikes have many similarities to the actual road bikes and help you to improve your cycling skills as well.

However, if you belong to an avid cyclist group, then spinning bikes are the best option.

Similarly, if you want to lose weight with these exercise bikes, you need a bike that allows your body to move.

Instead of having a pedal, you need a bike that burns your calories and loses excess fat while sitting.

So, if you are looking slim and smart with these expensive exercise bikes and worth your money, purchase a bike with a built-in heart rate monitor.


Comfort is the utmost thing which should be considered seriously.  If you are willing to spend your money on these expensive exercise bikes, then always go for a bike whose seat is comfortable enough for a long workout.

You must know which bike is best suitable according to your body position like people suffering from the back problem being uncomfortable with the upright bike, and their issue can become worse.

This is where recumbent bikes provide great help and offer chair-like seats with back support.

Besides, people who prefer cycling in an upright position need more comfortable seats, similarly indoor cycling bikes.

Unlike other bikes, an upright exercise bike has a wider seat and more thick padding for enhanced comfort. 

If your exercise bike seat is not comfortable enough; it does not matter how much money you invest in a luxury exercise bike. 

Also, if you are taller in size, look for adjustable seats accordingly. Comfort should be a priority rather than a budget.

Cardiovascular fitness

These exercise bikes are worth the money because these are very effective for cardiovascular exercise. A static bike is the best equipment for cardio training and marathons.

These exercise bikes improve your cardiac health and enhance the oxygen supply to the blood.

It also increases the body’s energy supply and reduces the risk of stroke. It is also a great source to lower blood pressure.

Check the Weight Limit and the Weight of the Bike

These exercise bikes are expensive due to their stability, which is an essential aspect of exercise.

Most people got injured during their ride. So always check the weight limit and weight of the bike before purchasing.

How stable a bike depends on its weight. The more it weighs, the more durable it is. 

These exercise bikes are made for a specific weight limit, so choose according to your bodyweight. Transportation

Mostly heavy exercise bikes do not incorporate wheels, which gives you a hard time moving it from one place to another.

Therefore expensive exercise bikes do not have this issue and are equipped with wheels and prevent injury during transportation.

Strengthen and Tone

These exercise bikes keep your body in shape and strengthen your leg muscles.

While walking or jogging cannot do this work quickly.

Most people use these bikes to make yourself fit, and these are best to tone glutes, quadriceps (front of the thighs), hamstrings (back of the thighs), calves (back of the leg below the knee) and hip flexors (bottom of the stomach).


Those people who feel bored during exercise and lose their motivation quickly, then these expensive exercise bikes are the perfect option for them.

These bikes are expensive due to some extraordinary features such as the latest toys and trinkets.

Most of these costly exercise bikes are built with some extra features such as LCD to enjoy your workout and enhance the motivation.

Likewise, some recent models offer to play games and turn your real-life performance into game performance.

Spending money on these expensive exercise bikes will motivate you for constant workout and exercise.

Size, space, and Budget

Another critical factor is the size of the bike. There are different size bikes available in the market; some of them occupy less space, but some need more space at your home.

Recumbent bikes do not demand much space, while upright bikes with fixed frames need more space. Foldable exercise bikes also come in the market, but these are a little more expensive than other bikes. 

However, if budget and space are not an issue for you, you can go for the spinning bike, which is non-foldable. 

The exercise bikes with integrated heart rate monitors tend to be more expensive because cheap price exercise bikes do not offer this feature.


Versatile exercise bikes are also expensive in the market, but these are made with some extra features.

Upright bikes have a central console unit that allows the user to choose from preset workout routines and fine-tune a number of parameters.

Excessive Noise

Most people prefer to exercise, yoga, and meditation in a calm environment. So ensure that your exercise bike does not make excessive noise during a workout.

Some exercise bikes produce more sound as compared to others when they face air resistance. More hard the pedal louder will be the noise. To minimize the noise always prefer a bike with low noise or no noise at all.

If you want to continue your workout without any disturbance, invest your money in good quality bikes.

Weight loss and improved fitness

 Exercise bikes have helped millions of people to improve fitness and to reduce weight in no time.

It is the main reason for its expensiveness. Cycling helps to burn calories in a better way as compared to other exercises.

Achieve your fitness goal; you should not think about your budget or money. Per the research, cycling burns 12 kilojoules calories at 15 kilometers per hour.

Exercise Bikes can  prevent you from training too hard

Beginners commit this mistake and start their first exercise from too hard, which makes them bored soon from the workout. 

Training so much carefully also leads to injury. While these exercise bikes are more preferable for beginners and encourage them to continue the workout with fun and amusement.

Additionally, these exercise bikes are sophisticated enough to monitor your heart rate during exercising. These features make them expensive and unique, as well.

An Exercise Bike can be used at any time

Although these are expensive but provide a great benefit when you want. These value the money because you can use these exercise bikes any time, day, night, rain, or sun.

Most people leave the workout due to a hectic work routine and do not find much time for these activities.

So, invest money once and enjoy benefits in the long run. As compared to another exercise machine, these exercise bikes provide a great experience and keep you healthier.

Make maximum use of your time

With these exercise bikes, you can make the maximum of your time. Watching TV or listening to music do your workout with these exercise bikes, which make your workout duration shorter and enjoyable.

In this way, these exercise bikes allow you to make the maximum of your time.

Optional Accessories

Modern exercise bikes come with many accessories that enhance their price. Several stationary bikes make up your mind for the workout by providing easiness during the workout.

Many people keep water bottles during the workout, so most of these exercise bikes are equipped with water bottle holders.

You can use it for your energy drink as well. Other additional features include control cups, magazine stand, and acoustic sound system for music.

Advantage of Using Exercise Bikes

  • The exercise bike is a great source to stay fit and healthy with several advantages such as
  • These are simple and easy in use and do not demand unique techniques.
  • These are perfect for home use at any time.
  • Reduce the risk of injuries than a real road bike
  • Cycling is a non-impact exercise and suitable for those who find running hard on their joints.
  • These come with preset workout programs.
  • These exercise bikes are perfect for corrector posture and shape your body by the tone of the muscles.
  • These are easily adjustable and make workouts easy.
  • Exercise bikes are a great source to reduce weight and burn calories.
  • You can save time by multitasking, such as watching TV or reading a magazine or listening to music while doing the workout.
  •  Develops aerobic and anaerobic fitness depends on the workout program.

Bottom Line

To sum up, these exercise bikes are equipped with special features which make them expensive. All stationary bikes are made for the same purpose but vary in features that make them a low-price or high-priced.

I hope this article will be helpful for you to understand why exercise bikes are so expensive and to invest your money in an exercise bike during this period is a great investment. This gym equipment is designed to workout at home, which provides a more significant advantage as compared to ordinary cycling.

If you really want to lose your weight and stay healthier, invest your money in these exercise bikes, you would not regret it.

The built quality and material are generally higher in price than home models, so this is generally why exercise bikes are so expensive and command a higher price.

These exercise bikes are easier on your joints as well than other cardio exercises such as running. Hence, buy an exercise bike to make quality as a priority.

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