Does muscle slow you down?

Does muscle slow you down?

People with lots of muscles are seen as unathletic or too bulky to run, but this is not the case. The only time muscle slows you down is when you gain it unnaturally, let me explain.

At what point does muscle make you slower?

Muscle will make you slower once it is built beyond the natural human limit. So, when you use PEDs or Sarms to build more muscle, your body will not be able to keep up and you will be slower.

If you are just a person who wants a good body and gains a lot of muscle, you will not be slowed down if you stay lean and continue to use the muscles you want to keep fast. If you gain a lot of muscle but stop running or playing sports, you will get slower because your muscles are not used to that kind of contraction.

But if you gain a lot of muscle and continue to train your speed, and mobility, and play the sports that you want to keep up with, then your speed will not diminish, and you will continue to get faster.

A person who works out just to look good, even on a competitive level, but that stays natural, should not worry about slowing down if they use what they do not want to lose. If this person gains a lot of fat while having a lot of muscle, then they will slow down.

Fat is a tissue that has no use for your physical ability. Gaining a lot of muscle or weight with fat will make you inefficient because fat has no benefit but to weigh you down and make you less mobile.

This is the only thing that someone who is worried about slowing down with lots of muscle should be worried about.

If someone does decide to take PEDs and gain an unnatural amount of muscle, then they will slow down as their body will have a tough time holding onto that muscle.

If you are at an open bodybuilding level, then you will most likely weigh near 300lbs with pure muscle. At this point, it will be difficult for you to do everyday things, and your heart and joints will be under lots of stress,

This is when muscle is detrimental to health and will definitely slow you down. If you take PEDs and are in a lower division like classic physique, or take PEDs just to look good, you will have it a lot easier.

You will not slow down a lot if you keep training for what you want to keep fast. In these lower divisions, you will take a lot fewer PEDs and while they will still be detrimental to your health, they will not be to a level that your body cannot take the stress.

Does Bodybuilding make you slower?

Bodybuilding is a sport involving strenuous physical exercise to strengthen and enlarge the muscles of the body. Bodybuilding is just working out exclusively to gain as much muscle as possible for the divisions in the sport called open bodybuilding.

The open bodybuilding division is made to gain the most muscle possible. The classic physique division or the men’s physique division is for proportions and aesthetics, rather than a competition to see who has the most muscle everywhere.

People train for these different divisions, or just to have a nice body. The difference between these two people is that people who train for competition and to win titles will more than likely use performance-enhancing drugs or PEDs and gain muscle beyond their natural limit.

When you do this, your body takes on a toll to keep this muscle that the human body cannot make on its own. It struggles to work to its best capacity.

Complications from the body taking on so much muscle are heart complications, and an imbalance of hormones. The heart will have to pump faster and harder to pump more blood through more muscle than is naturally attainable.

This is why bodybuilders are more successible to heart attacks and such, along with the increased risk due to androgenic-anabolic steroids and other PEDs. (1) Androgenic-anabolic steroids are used to gain an unnatural amount of muscle.

These and other PEDs are used to alter the hormones and make more of a hormone or less of another. Usually, a combination of both is used to get a greater effect and create a synergistic effect on the body.

An imbalance of hormones has side effects like balding, cancer, heart complications, lethargy, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and many other things. Some of these things are indirectly introduced but pose a threat to your health in the long term in conjunction with PED use.

All these things will make a professional bodybuilder in the open division who takes lots of PEDs heavy and slows them down. Bodybuilders in the classic division are healthier as they take fewer PEDs and participate in sports, can do normal everyday things, and do lots of cardio.

This is the same for normal athletes who take PEDs. Football players who take PEDs do it to get faster, and they gain more muscle than normal yet do not slow down.

This is because muscle does not slow you down unless you are beyond the natural limit. For some athletes, like basketball players and cross-country athletes, the muscle would make it harder to be more mobile, but it does not mean it will make them slower.

A cross country runner needs to have less weight to carry to run long distances, and lots of muscle is not needed to run long distances. Compared to basketball players, where some players have a lot of muscle, and others do not.

Some people feel like they do not need to gain a lot of muscle to be successful at their sport, but others feel like they need more to become better. Some coaches can choose whether their player can improve with or without gaining muscle, it is preference.


The body is made to have muscle, so having a lot of it will not slow you down. If you gain an unnatural amount of muscle that the body was not made to have, with the use of PEDs, you will begin to slow down, and your body will be under a lot of stress.

If you gain a lot of muscle and you are worried about slowing down, staying lean and playing sports or not stopping your favorite cardio activities will keep you fast and keep you from slowing down.