Does a rowing machine work chest?

Does a rowing machine work chest?

The rowing machine is made for rowing, which simulates rowing like you would on a boat, without the need to push. Without this pushing motion, rowing is not great for the chest.

Is rowing good for chest muscles?

Rowing does not work the chest enough to strengthen the chest muscles over time. The row movement is simply pulling resistance, and using your legs for assistance with this pulling. The chest does no pushing, it only stretches while pulling, and is used to hold the resistance before pulling.

Other than that, the chest is not contracted enough to make any gains over time. When you first start rowing, you will feel sore in your chest, and it will strengthen your chest for a little while, but then you will quickly get used to it.

This is why you should not rely on the row to build your chest. While it is good at strengthening the entire body, especially the back, biceps, legs, and abdominal muscles, it is not good at strengthening the chest as much.

To work the chest, you must do some pressing and stretching exercises that isolate the movement of the pectoral muscles as much as possible. So doing any kind of chest press at different angles, and doing flyes will give you the chest development and strengthening that you would want.

For example, four sets of flat chest press, four sets of an incline chest press, and 3-4 sets of a chest flye variation. This will help you build a complete chest.

Along with doing the exercises, you must recover properly as well. Make sure you eat enough protein, drink enough water, and get enough rest at night for your body to recover.

Sleep 7-9 hours a night. All of this together will provide your body with enough rest and recovery to build the muscle that you want to build.

Does rowing burn chest fat?

When fat is lost, it is lost all over the body, in different amounts because of genetics. So, if someone loses weight and gets abdominal muscles quickly, the same might not happen for you.

This is because genetically, we all lose fat in different areas first, and have different amounts of fat in different areas. This is also why when you do a chest exercise, you will not burn chest fat.

This is also because of human genetics. Rowing burns a lot of calories if done correctly.

So, if you use rowing as cardio and eat a diet that puts you in a caloric deficit, then you will lose fat. The fat you lose is lost wherever your body chooses it, so you cannot say that rowing directly burns chest fat.

Rowing can help lose fat if you diet correctly. Rowing can burn chest fat specifically in the same way, as spot reducing fat is not possible without surgery.

When wanting to sculpt a chest, you will have to do chest exercises to build the chest muscle. If you lose fat, but do not have any muscle in that area, then you will not have that chiseled athletic look.

This is why eating enough protein and doing resistance exercises to build the muscle is just as important as doing cardio and burning a lot of calories in a caloric deficit.

Exercises for the chest are any chest press, push-up, and even overhead press. Doing these exercises to near failure will build the chest muscles so that when you lose the fat off of your chest, it will look sculpted and square and not flat or unappealing.

What muscles does a rowing machine work?

The rowing machine works all the muscles in the body, but works some muscles more than others, and some muscles to such a small extent that they do not matter as much.

Rowing works the biceps, triceps, shoulders, and back muscles as you pull the handle towards you. As you push off with your legs, you work the quads, hamstrings, calves a little, and abdominal muscles to keep you stabilized. You also work your lower back when pivoting at the waist back and forth.

These are the muscles worked the most when rowing, minor muscles worked are chest, triceps, traps, and glutes. These muscles are activated but are not worked enough to get a great workout for these muscles.

To work these muscles, you will have to do external exercises to strengthen them and build them beyond rowing with a rowing machine.

What muscles does a rowing machine not work?

Rowing does not work the chest, triceps, traps, and glutes as much as the main muscles I listed above. To work these muscles, you must do exercises outside of rowing to strengthen and build them.

To build the chest and triceps, you will have to do some pushing and stretching exercises. The pushup, bench-press, and overhead press work the chest.

The tricep kickback, pulldown, and overhead tricep-press work the   tricep. Triceps are also worked with the chest in pressing movements, along with the front head of the deltoid(shoulder).

Traps are worked in pulling exercises, but are not worked enough during the row. You must pull vertically, with deadlifts or shrugs to build great traps.

The glutes are built with squat and deadlift variations. As long as you do a bit of both, you can build a great set of glutes.

If you do these complimentary exercises along with rowing, it is possible to build a complete physique with rowing.


If you have fat over your chest, or want to lost chest fat and build a nice chest, then you must fix your diet first. You must be in a caloric deficit.