Can you keep a rowing machine outside?

Can you keep a rowing machine outside?

Yes, you can keep a rowing machine outside as long as it is stored safely and kept in a dry place that will protect it from the elements. Ensure to wrap the rowing machine with a protective cover , especially in the winter months when there is a high chance of bad weather.

Can you keep a rowing machine in the garage?

Rowing uses a machine to simulate rowing a boat. This simulation of rowing a boat can be enhanced by getting fresh air and putting the machine in an outdoor area for a change of scenery.

The garage is a great place to have a change of scenery from inside your home or in the gym. Rowing in the garage can make you more focused on rowing, since it is a different environment from where you eat, watch tv, or do other things that can be more passive than exercising.

When exercising, you want an environment that you only exercise in. Once you do this you will be mentally prepared for your workout each time, rather than having to ease into it and being less focused during your workout.

While working out in the garage is nice and can help you focus, and give you more room to do your rowing, there are some negatives. The garage may be colder or warmer than normal.

The cold environment of your garage can cause LEDs to stop working, but it depends on the rowing machine that you have. The Concept 2, for example, has LEDs that will stop working in low temperatures but will last exceptionally long with proper maintenance.

Other rowing machines can break down faster in cold temperatures and lose lubricants and stiffen up. This is why it is important to read the manual before putting your machine in the garage.

You also need to be careful for rust. Garages can flood easily, so if it rains or if water fills the garage, you need to be sure that your rowing machine is not getting rusted over time.

Other than rust and potentially slowing down if not properly maintained, it is perfectly fine to put your rowing machine in the garage. Warmer temperatures can be a problem in the summer if you put your machine in the garage.

Warmer temperatures can be uncomfortable to work out in, so keep this in mind if you are sensitive to the heat.

Where should I store my rowing machine?

Your rowing machine can be stored anywhere where it will be safe. If you are not using your machine for whatever reason, you should put it back into the package it came in.

Make sure put it into the package with Styrofoam padding and plastic sheets around the machine to keep it protected while hauling it around. If you want to store it somewhere for use, you can place it anywhere where you have room and will not bump into anything.

There is no specific place you have to put your rowing machine. The machine can go anywhere that you have an outlet and where you can exercise without distractions will be the best place for you to store it.

You also want to keep in mind that you want to work out in an area of your house that you associate with exercise and being focused on that only. So, once you get to your garage or outdoor area, then you are mentally prepared to work out and workout only, with minimal distractions.

Keep that in mind when choosing where to store your rowing machine.

How much space does a rowing machine take up?

A rowing machine typically takes up 6.5 feet by 1.6 feet for a compact, small rowing machine, to a larger machine that can be nine feet by four feet or bigger. This allows room for rowing with full freedom.

A rowing machine does not take up a lot of space most of the time, but it is important to check the size of a rowing machine before buying it so that you know if it can fit into your designated space.

How to move a rowing machine?

Moving a rowing machine can be difficult if moved without taking it apart. You should take apart the entire machine and put it into the original package if moving it farther than a couple rooms, even up the stairs can prove difficult without taking it apart.

Wrap the big parts with a blanket or something similar, and secure the pieces with tape. Doing all this will keep the rowing machine secure inside of the box, and will make it a lot easier to haul. (1)

This way you can move the entire box, safely, as far as you want while keeping the machine protected.

Do they make outdoor covers for a rowing machine?

They do make outdoor covers specifically for the rowing machine. They go for 20-100 dollars and have a variety of benefits.

Outdoor covers for a rowing machine are usually dustproof, waterproof, windproof, and have a sun screen.

They are also easy to clean and made of quality cloth that protects from many things like spills, water, and things like that. This cover makes your rowing machine easier to maintain while keeping it outside, and even safe from rain.

Make sure to check the dimensions and shape of the outdoor cover before you buy it, to make sure it fits the rowing machine you own or plan to buy.


Your rowing machine can be placed anywhere from your garage, to outside in your backyard. You can move it anywhere, as long as you maintain it properly, and do what it takes to keep your rowing machine in good health. Protect it from things like rust, and damage from dropping.