Top Fitness Resolutions

Are you in need of ideas for planning upcoming fitness resolutions or are you just looking for some New Year’s Motivation? Either way it’s all here @My Fitness Resolutions!

Top 10: Best Fitness Resolutions

1. Weight Loss

2. Carb Cutbacks

3. Build Strength

4. Drink Less Soda

5. Stop Smoking

6. Decrease Stress Levels

7. Be More Optimistic

8. Get Better and/ or More Sleep

9. Get a 6 Pack

10. Look Better Naked

The only downside to these New Year’s Fitness Resolutions is that they are not specific enough. Your resolution or goal should be a step geared towards your ultimate goal. For example, some great steps to lose weight this New Year are:

  1. Exercise an extra day each week
  2. Eat more fish than red meats as much as possible
  3. Eat breakfast every day (at the very least every other day)
  4. Eat more protein in the mornings
  5. Track your progress every day

These are 5 easy tips you can start implementing today. If you decide to only choose one of these examples and stick with it you are well on your way to losing weight and accomplishing your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions.

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We acknowledge the importance of your fitness resolutions. With My Fitness Resolutions we give you everything you need from motivation, personal training, nutritional mean planning along with a full goal analysis to help your reach them. Your goals are important, and this New Year’s we aspire to help you not only reach them, but to stick with them, because fitness is a life-style.

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If you’re tired of having to give up on your New Year’s resolutions due to lack of motivation, time or even effort, let us help. Our strategies are designed to combine both strength and resistance training, progressive overload training and high and low intensity cardio exercises. We will devise a new set of workouts for you each and every time so that your body can take full advantage of muscle confusion. This method allows you to remain consistent with your fitness plan, no two workouts the same, together we can make fitness fun!

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