Don’t Participate in Fad Dieting.

In order to come out on top, meaning a healthier and better feeling version of yourself, we have to get one thing straight. No Fad Diets!

Every year fad dieting does more harm than good. It has been proven time and time again that fad diets will add weight to your body in the long run. That 10 pounds you were promised to lose, which by the way will be mostly water weight, you are guaranteed to gain it back along with a few extra pounds.

Fad dieting is more common in the month’s following the holiday season. People are geared and ready to commit to their new found New Year’s Fitness Resolutions. Unfortunately, we as people are lazy by nature; #1. meaning we always look for the quickest ways and #2. the methods that require little effort from our end.

From false expert claims to heavy marketing ploys, fad diets have gone mainstream and thrive by feeding you lies. Essentially, if you gain weight after trying their methods, you are going to have to keep going back right? Maybe now that you’re back, would you mind paying me some money this time?

Fad Diet Alternatives

Scheduled to become one of the biggest nutritional trends for 2014 is the portion control method. Are you tired of counting macros (calories, fat, protein, etc,?) The idea behind portion control is to only eat portion sizes that are based on your age, height, weight and gender. Studies show that this method is easier but will also provide you with lasting results. In the end, that’s all anyone wants right?

There are no quick fixes, in fact, if anyone is shoving a quick fix down your throat, the best thing to do is to run. Run in the opposite direction! Proper dieting is based on the actual definition of the word diet. What do your daily eating habits consist of? How can you improve? Instead of eating that whole bag of chips today, why not try half? You know you’re going out to dinner tomorrow with your best friends, you might end up drinking, but why not have one less drink than usual?

Over time, even small changes such as those listed above will work wonders on your overall health and fitness. Applying these tips daily are guaranteed to help you stay on track with your Fitness Resolutions this New Years. At the end of the day, everything boils down to your mindset. So start taking small steps today, so that you can live, be and feel healthier tomorrow.