Cleansing Techniques & Benefits.

Cleansing does such a great job with removing harmful toxins from your body as well as aiding in weight loss and reducing body fat percentages, but if it’s so easy why doesn’t everyone do it?

It’s simply not easy to go a week without consuming solid foods, just as it’s not easy to fast every 6 months to a year, but they can still provide you with some healthy benefits.

Why would you want to fall into the same category as everyone else anyway? Don’t become part of the community of people who don’t show up to the gym the day after making their New Year’s Fitness Resolutions. But in any case, keeping track of your results and goals in a fitness journal will work wonders, for motivational purposes, because it’s in our nature to “keep the streak alive,” so to speak.

When you start to log your success in a journal, you are giving yourself tangible proof that your results are real and that your goals are coming to fruition. Maybe you can’t see any loss in weight or a drop in body fat percentage and you can’t actually see all the toxins that your body is eliminating. However, you are much more apt to stick with it and not make the same mistake many people do which is giving up, not to mention, way too early.

No doubt, trimming up that waistline is a great side-effect of cleansing. Unfortunately, you can’t just step on a scale and measure how many toxins your body is getting rid of. In order to do this we will have to test your dedication. There are 2 main signs to look out for, which are:

  1. Watch and take note on the color of your urine. If your urine is no longer brown or yellow, and becomes clear, this is a great indication that cleansing is truly working for you. But don’t stop just yet.
  2. Prepare yourself for this one! When your bowel movements are increase in frequency, changes color and/ or consistency then these are positive signs that your body is getting rid of unwanted toxins.

Now an important thing to remember when detoxifying or cleansing is to maintain proper hydration levels, your body can easily become dehydrated when it begins pumping out all these harmful toxins.

Reports say that while cleansing it is common to experience more aching and soreness throughout your body. This process is actually normal, but if you are experiencing unbearable pain or severe cases of these symptoms it is strongly advised to contact your doctor! Another great tip is to contact your doctor before you start cleansing, together you will be able to find out if this method is right for you, as well as what might work best for you.

It is also very important to remember, whether this is your first or 20th time cleansing, you have to transition into this process. You can’t just jump into it and stop eating solid foods, and on the flip side, when you finish cleansing you can’t just jump into eating solid foods again. Just like proper dieting techniques, small minor changes have the biggest and long lasting effects.

Take really detailed notes throughout your cleansing process; this is how we stay motivated with New Year’s Fitness Resolutions as well as cleansing. Supercharge your diet for weight loss.