Best Tips for Fitness Results.

By avoiding these common mistakes when exercising you will start to experience life changing results to your health and fitness. Often times, these mistakes are seen in all levels of fitness: from experienced bodybuilders and athletes to beginners.

Mistake #1: Concept of Muscle Failure

Many people often look past pushing their sets past the full-rep threshold. Research proves that lifting weight or exercising with half to quarter reps past the muscle failure barrier increases hormone development, production and secretion through optimization.

To reach your goals in the fastest and most efficient manner requires advanced strategies of combing both mind and body training. Pushing your muscles past muscle failure is solely a mental fitness challenge.

  • Not every exercise is designed to match the muscle failure scenario, squats and deadlifts should be perform with a spotter if you are trying to break this plateau.
  • Also take extra precaution to ensure you’re not overtraining, muscle building takes time and effort.
  • Simply listen to your body to avoid injuries when pushing your muscles past muscle failure.

Mistake #2: Exercise Machine Infatuation

Almost every commercial gym contains many different workout machines. One of the more common workout mistakes is the inability to fight the temptation of using exercise machines. Machines were designed to help elderly people become and stay active and for rehabilitation patients.

  • Dumbbells, barbells and kettle bells remain the best iron pumping methods for muscle development.
  • Combine free-weights with a solid bodyweight training routine to start experiencing the ultimate benefits.
  • Highlight compound exercises or exercises that involve more the one movement or body part.

Fitness Quote of the Day: “There are no mistakes, only lessons.

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