As we come to an end of another great year that has been dedicated to health and fitness, I’d like to kind of recap but also provide you with an amazing workout.

Nearing the end of 2012, High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT was scheduled to be one of the biggest fitness trends for the following year. Even now, it is scheduled to be among the top 5 fitness trends to take 2015 and I have no doubts as to why. It’s fun, convenient and it produces astonishing results! Let’s kick the intensity into overdrive.

The American Council of Exercise (ACE) surveyed over 1,000 of their certified personal trainers acknowledging their top three suggestions for getting into better shape. It’s no wonder why their results came back with strength training (twice per week,) interval training (in its most basic form) and cardio exercises.

The days of simply performing basic exercises you read about are gone. Time under tension and the amount of weight is what forces your muscles to grow. Natural lean-muscle growth is what ignites your metabolism, natural testosterone levels and improves your health in the long run.

High Intensity Interval Training was originally presented by track coaches – trust me, I know because I ran track – but overtime scientific studies presented the fat burning results along with beneficial health studies.

Cardio of both low, moderate and high-intensities have shown results for weight loss and muscle growth. Lower intensity cardio such as long walks on the beach are promised to target and burn more body fat. The higher intensity cardio exercises and workouts have been proven to burn calories.

Calories are what everyone looks to lose because more calories burned on a daily basis than consumed are how people lose weight. But this workout is not just about losing weight and naturally boosting your metabolism. Dropping your body fat percentage is what motivates people, we need to see results to believe them and by believing them we are more apt to keep going. You see how these rotations are never ending? This is coming from someone who held a healthy 3.4% body fat.

By applying these workout techniques, I became a representation of my own product, which led to become a personal trainer and motivational speaker.

In Today’s world, everything is fast paced, so why not make your workouts?